CH. Cheviot Sollis Le Tour (Diva) Nancy Parsons
Whelped 2005 - Finished Feb 2007.
BOB at the CC of MN
(605) 647-5787
CH. Sollis Silver Image CH. Tartanside Allegiance CH Fantasy's Bronze Talisman CH Vennessee's Midnight Edition
CH. Fantasy's Cover Girl
CH Tartanside Aliage CH. Sealore's Grand Applause
CH. Tartanside Arabesque
CH. Sollis The Bee Charmer CH. Sollis Silver Challenge Ingle Lo The Challenger
Sollis Seraphim Of Ingle Lo
Sollis Sweet Temptation Sollis Silver Encore
Sollis' Protégé
CH. Cheviot Concerto CH. Cheviot Midnight Opus
CH. Vennessee's Midnight Express CH Fury's The Spirit of Legends
Vennessee's Etched In Blue
Sabrium Rough Cut CH Sabrium Joius Codie
Charisma's Holly Berry Annie
CH. Elsinor's Razzle Dazzle CH. Elsinore Nantucket Blues CH. Vennessee's Midnight Edition
Elsinore's Sunamor Sprite
CH. Abbeyhill Wednesday's Ashes CH. Abbeyhill Top Gun
CH. Abbeyhill Evening Shade